Antenna Magus Professional 2019.1 v9.1.0

Antenna Magus Professional 2019 v9.0.0

Antenna Magus is one of the best and most powerful software available for antenna design calculations. For the design and construction of an antenna, the need for high-level knowledge of wave propagation, the principles of amplifying macroscopes and the design of amplifier amplifiers, we will have the principles of impedance matching, which Antenna Magus software does best. In this software, the user can simply select the antenna required from the antennas in the software database, numbering more than 200, and after configuring its specifications according to their requirements, the data is a soft one. Design and simulate microprocessor circuits such as CTS or AWR or FIKO to simulate and analyze

Antenna Magus Professional 2019 Features

various parameters such as the type of antenna, the antenna manufacturer, and so on. In the Explore section, for all models, useful information such as model explanation, standard references used to design the model, a brief description of how to use the model is included.

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