Bentley RAM Concept CONNECT Edition (CL)

Bentley RAM Connection

Bentley RAM Connection is a powerful product for designing various connections in steel structures. This software allows you to connect different parts of the steel structures in different ways by assuming the responsibility of performing all kinds of mathematical and analytical calculations. All connections are shown in 3D. You can connect different parts of the columns, anchors and plates to each other.

Bentley RAM Connection Features

  • Ability to analyze the load load on the columns and connections
  • Seismic condition analysis to measure the strength of connections performed under load conditions
  • Design and analysis of structural models
  • Maximum design and optimization in steel fittings
  • It is possible to simulate the load conditions with the possibility of changing the parameters altogether
  • The possibility of designing building structures
  • Full project documentation, BOM list and …
  • Possibility to build two-dimensional models from a 3D project sample
  • Use of global standards

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