DataCAD is a professional program for designing architectures, rendering realistic building images, creating animations, and producing technical documentation in architectural projects. This software is made by architects and for architects; that is, the result is perfectly understandable for architects. Using this tool, it’s easy to design and produce a draft or layout. You can quickly add items like doors and windows. Display the dimensions of different parts on the map. Automatically hatch and eventually output DXF / DWGGet more for more action.

This product allows architects to quickly design, edit, and document the structure of the object. Of course, DataCAD is a realistic tool for 3D modeling and rendering before it’s just a draft design tool. You’re as easy as possible to light, shade and apply the textures you want to design elements. You can use images at depths of 24, and show the true outlook of what you have in mind.


This software is also very useful for contractors. As a contractor, you can put the DataCAD app on your laptop and bring it to the building. With this, it’s much easier to connect with builders and increase the quality and efficiency of the product. For example, in this software, there is the ability to automatically create a three-dimensional view of the floor, walls and ceiling. In fact, you can easily visualize the walls, stairs, doors and windows of the walls, which makes it a common understanding of the project for both you and the builder. With this program you can get the list of necessary components for the construction, as well as the possibility to make calculations for cost prediction.

Features of DataCAD:

  • Simple and easy to use environment
  • Design of automatic and three-dimensional walls, doors, windows, ceilings and other elements of the building
  • Possibility to use 24-bit images for wrapping.
  • Possibility of 3D lighting and shading
  • Ability to present a list of ingredients (BOM)
  • Ability to calculate and predict costs

System Requirements

Make sure you have the following minimum requirements for installing and running DataCAD.
Intel® Pentium® 4 or AMD ™ Athlon processor
Operating System:
Microsoft® Windows® XP, Vista ™, 7, 8, or 10 operating system
Hard Disk:
1GB of free disk space recommended for complete installation of DataCAD

Download File: Direct Link

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