NextUp TextAloud [v4.0.72] Latest Free Download 2022 [Updated]

NextUp TextAloud [v4.0.72] Latest Free Download 2022 [Latest]


NextUp TextAloud is a handy utility for converting text to audio. With this program, you can easily convert all types of texts to audio files in mp3 format. It has many applications for those who are enhancing their language skills. You can easily extract the text from your favorite Internet or book, and then use it repeatedly to enhance your audio performance. Since the audio format of this program is mp3, it can be played on all audio players including PCs, mobile phones, iPods, music players

NextUp TextAloud Features

  • Support for text-to-speech engineers include international voices
  • Ability to store audio files in various formats wav, mp3 and wma
  • Has a plugin for Internet Explorer to hear Internet pages
  • Quality and high speed when converting text to sound

What is New 2022?

  • New 2022 has been completely rewritten from the ground up. It is faster,
  • NEW Patents & Security Features! The only text-to-speech software
  • All-In-One Text To Speech And Audio Converter
  • A revolutionary way to put your spoken words into print with real-time capt
  • The exclusive, innovative and exciting software that enables you to quickly and easily transform
  • The best speech-to-text program on the Internet is even better!
  • NextUp TextAloud 4.0.64 is the best text-
  • You say it. We convert text to speech.
  • Text to speech application offers you the most natural sounding voices available, with different
  • A new beginning.
  • Natural sounding text to speech voices, advanced algorithms for deep learning, virtual assistants
  • Makes it easy to read aloud any text file on your PC.
  • Everything.
  • TextAloud can now be controlled via Apple Watch.
  • Life is a journey, not a destination.


NextUP cracked

NextUP crack

System Requirements

• Win XP / Vista / 7/8 • 500 MHz CPU or Faster
• 256MB RAM
• 1GB Disk Space
• Sound Card

Admin Remarks

NextUp TextAloud is a voice text reading and speech synthesis utility, which has been designed for the purpose of having your computer read aloud Web pages, emails, documents, and more. NextUp TextAloud can convert any text into audio files that are ready to use with your iPhone, iPod, iPad, or other mobile devices. By using cutting-edge “Text To Speech” technology along with high-quality processing algorithms, NextUp TextAloud can reproduce the audio files you hear with unmatched clarity.

NextUp TextAloud is a text-to-speech program. It reads aloud text from any document, web page, e-mail or newsgroup posting. That supports many advanced features such as speech synthesis and sound effects for different languages and computer voices. It makes it possible to read and learn using your screenreader and your voice.

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  1. Title says NextUp TextAloud 4.0.117 + Crack
    but description in link with files is NextUp TextAloud 3.0.117
    So which version is it?

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