V-Ray FOR Rhino v5.20.01 6-7 latest Download 2022

v-ray for rhino

V-Ray for Rhino Overview

V-Ray FOR Rhino is a new quick render presets and intuitive control, you can focus on design, and not sweat the technical details. V-Ray’s twin-engine rendering architecture takes full advantage of the latest CPU or GPU hardware.

Furthermore, with its full suite of tools, you can render anything and everything — from quick design concepts to your most detailed 3D models. This tool is very easy to learn and easy to use, V-Ray works seamlessly with Rhino’s versatile 3D modeling tools.

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Features of V-Ray for Rhino

  • Render while you design. See results right away as you adjust lights, materials and cameras.
  • Automatically remove noise and cut render times by up to 50%
  • Render realistic rooms and interiors with V-Ray’s powerful and fast global illumination.
  • However, Render natural and artificial lighting with a wide range of built-in light types.
  • Render realistic daylight for any time and any location.
  • Add depth to your images with realistic atmospheric effects.
  • Render VR content for popular virtual reality headsets.
  • Create great looking materials that look exactly like the real thing.
  • Create realistic grass, fabrics and carpet with V-Ray Fur.
  • Render quick cutaways and cross sections with V-Ray Clipper.

What is New 2022?

  • The Most Advanced Render Technology
  • V-Ray for Rhino is a rendering plug-in for Rhinoc
  • In conclusion,V-Ray for Rhinoceros is a rendering plug-in that
  • V-Ray for Rhino is a rendering plug-in compatible with Rhin
  • This is the successor of the successful Raytrace for Rhino. Raytrace for
  • This is a free version of V-Ray for Rhino. Download and install
  • New Interface: Redesigned user interface and icons;
  • V-Ray for Rhino 5.20.01 is a fundamentally new product
  • V-Ray is a rendering software that uses an advanced, physically based rendering
  • Finely-tuned
  • A short list of the most significant differences between this package, and its predecessors

System Requirements and Technical Details

  • Supported platforms: Rhinoceros 5.0 64-bit.
  • Supported on Windows 7 or later (64-bit recommended)


V-Ray for Rhinoceros® is RenderMan®-compliant software that enables an artist to produce photo-realistic images of three-dimensional scenes. It works by integrating a suite of specialized tools and plug-ins with the native modeling and animation tools found in Rhinoceros. With V-Ray, designers can create compelling images, such as product design studies, architectural illustrations, and realistic matte paintings. While several other rendering solutions exist for Rhinoceros, V-Ray has emerged as the tool of choice for real-time production rendering because of its speed and accuracy.

V-Ray RT (Run-Time) allows you to use V-Ray rendering power on 3ds Max or Maya. It implements the same technology and algorithms as the V-Ray standalone software but allows you to use it on 3ds Max/Maya directly. Using this plug-in, you can speed up your production and achieve the same result in less time and with less effort.

V-Ray is a rendering plug-in for Rhinoceros 5, aimed at (but not limited to) architectural visualization. It is available here either in stand-alone or in combination with one of the supported versions of Rhino, versions 4 and 5. After downloading, you will also find a user guide, a manual, and a printable version of the V-Ray license here – all free of charge.

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