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Adobe Muse CC 2018 is a visual site builder that functions on the principle of “displaying real-time changes made”. Thus, the developer does not need to open the HTML-code of the site – the editing panel allows you to work with the web page, as with the image. Obviously, this approach is aimed at creating a development environment that is accessible to the user without a special education.

Adobe Muse CC 2018 uses new web standards, including HTML5 and CSS3 (supported by these standards by browsers), and combines design accuracy, creative freedom and the ability to work with libraries and platforms when adding navigation controls, widgets and HTML code for development of interactivity on the site. Also, Adobe Muse CC 2018 allows you to create custom widgets, for example, the navigation menu, by simply dragging and dropping items. Users can add fully customizable interactive elements, including slideshows, tooltips and sophisticated remote rollover. Also Adobe Muse CC 2018 allows you to embed the finished HTML code fragments from various sources, including Google Maps, YouTube and Facebook. Besides,Adobe Muse CC 2018 allows you to make test sites stored on Adobe servers for testing and evaluation. In the future, these sites can be sent to customers, transferred to paid hosting on Adobe servers or exported for transfer via FTP to the sites of other hosting providers.

Advantages of Adobe Muse CC 2018

Integration with Adobe Animate CC
Drag and drop Animate songs directly into Adobe Muse projects as pictures from your CC library.

Improvements to Creative Cloud Assets
Backup and restore, add comments and view the version history of all of your Creative Cloud resources, including files in Creative Cloud Libraries, resources created in desktop applications for CC, and mobile projects.

Integration with the Typekit Marketplace Shop
Get fonts from leading designers and use them in your Adobe Muse projects. Typekit supports the synchronization of fonts and web technologies that allow you to access the Marketplace fonts from any application and on any device.

Scaling tool
To quickly find content on the website, use the “Hand” tool, which allows you to enlarge, move and scroll certain areas.

And much more.
Other improvements: improved performance in a flexible design mode, saving control points in the elements of the library and much more.

What’s Special in Adobe Muse 2018

  • The original distribution has been redesigned within the framework of an old good installer with the ability to select the components and language of the program interface.
  • The resulting distribution does not include the installer of the Creative Cloud service, which is installed by the source distribution without fail.
  • A number of original installer files are replaced with patched (cracked PainteR ).
  • The distribution is integrated with the update for Adobe Muse CC 2017 to version 2017.1.0.821.
  • The distribution package includes a stub that prevents the mandatory installation of a spyware update for Adobe Application Manager up to the version of Update 14.
  • The installer has been corrected, allowing you to bypass the problem of the conflict of the installed and installed version of Visual C ++ 2015 Redistributable.
  • In the Crack folder inside the image there is a set of tools and detailed instructions that allow you to register Adobe Muse CС 2017.
  • Added a menu similar to the Box-version to the installer. It is made in the image and likeness of a similar menu for the programs of the line CS4.

Download File: Direct Link

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  1. Mac Version does not work as it gives an error saying “ERROR The Installation cannot continue as the installer file may be damaged. Download the installer file again. ” Please update the the link with correct version

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