Autodesk EAGLE Premium 9.5.2

Autodesk EAGLE

Autodesk EAGLE

CadSoft EAGLE  stands for  E asily A pplicable G raphical L ayout E ditor or in German E infach a nzuwendender g rafischer L ayout- e ditor A powerful software company CadSoft Computer is an EDA software (called Electronic Design Automation) It is possible to design and edit PCB and schematic scraps.

In electrical circuits, wires are fixed on the board, and connected to other wired devices by a central processor. Almost all electronic devices contain one or more printed orbit printers.
For over twenty years, the successful CadSoft EAGLE software is a flexible and powerful PCB design tool that can provide a high-performance functionality similar to the high-end commercially-used commercially-used commercial software, and will only do this for a small fee. To give In addition, EAGLE is also very easy to learn, use and buy

Autodesk EAGLE Features

Easy to learn
schematic editor modules, template editor, library editor with a user-defined interface
Compatible with different versions of Windows (also Link and Mac)

Simple to use
the flexible language program (ULPs) brings custom features such as single instruction sequences, simulation, export and import data
Export Gerber files that can be used in any bundle:
Gerber 274X & Gerber 274D
Excellon NC Drill Format
SM1000 and SM3000

Custom export formats customizable by the user
Import online product information and price through DesignLink
Active customer forums to share files, ULPs libraries, design tips … Bind
and paste your data outside of EAGLE (by structure XML data)

Download File : Direct Link

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