Boris FX Plugins Bundle May 2020

Boris FX Plugins Bundle

Boris FX Plugins Bundle Overview

Here is a package of plug-ins for After Effects and Premiere Pro called Boris FX. If you are an animator, you can appreciate the quality of more than 250 offered filters, plus get over 2500 presets! Among the filters can be identified such as: extruded text, 3D particle effects, image recovery tools, glare and other effects of flashes of light, keying and motion tracking, realistic camera effects, a full set of color correction tools, modification effects and perspectives of objects, blur, glow and cinematic effects.

Products Benefits

Sapphire is a compilation of plugins for editing, compositing, and motion graphic applications. It is the special effects tool of choice for post-production professionals across the globe because it enables endless creative possibilities and workflow efficiencies. You’ll use it when you want to take ordinary motion graphics and video… and make them excellent. Or, when you want to make something that is already excellent… legendary.

Mocha is award winning tracking software built upon a renowned Planar Tracking image engine. Mocha follows “pixel patterns” through the most difficult conditions including objects that go off-screen, objects that are partially obscured, even out of focus footage. This technology drives our products and is licensed to technology partners. 

Editors, colorists and effects artists worldwide use Mocha for:

  • Tracking graphics, cell phones & screen inserts
  • Roto masking to isolate, correct and layer
  • Object Removal, clean plates & digital beauty work
  • Camera and image stabilization
  • 3D Camera Tracking and animation

Continuum is the Swiss army knife for Compositors and Video Editors. Continuum’s range of powerful VFX plug-ins open the door for creative work that delivers impact. The possibilities are endless with tools like Title Studio for 2D/3D titling, Beauty Studio for retouching, Image Restoration, and many more.

Silhouette is an interesting program that opens up completely new possibilities and raises the bar of rotoscoping tools used in post-production. Among the buns, morphing (smooth transformation of one object into another) and 2D / 3D transformation tools, as well as rotoscoping (animation technique that allows create a cartoon by sketching frame by frame of a full-size film) and non-destructive coloring, do not forget about smart selection and keying (this is when in one composition they try to combine two or more images zheniya). Software received various awards, was used in a large number of films, on the Internet you can find examples of work.

What’s Inside Bundle

For Windows

  • Genarts Sapphire 2020.02 – AfterEffects
  • Genarts Sapphire 2020 – OFX
  • Genarts Sapphire 2019.0 – AVX
  • Silhouette v7.5.8
  • Boris FX Silhouette 2020.5.3
  • Mocha Pro 2020.5 v7.5.0 Build 1274 for Adobe
  • Mocha 2020.5 v7.5.0 Build 1274 Standalone
  • Mocha 2020.5 v7.5.0 Build 1274 For OFX
  • Mocha 5.2.2 VR
  • Boris FX Continuum Complete 2020.5 v13.5.0.1183 for Adobe
  • Boris FX Continuum Complete 2020.5 v13.5.0.1183 for OFX

For Mac OS

  • Genarts Sapphire 2019.0 – OFX
  • Genarts Sapphire 2019.0 – AVX
  • Silhouette 7.5.4
  • Mocha
  • Boris FX Continuum Complete 2020 v13.5 for Final Cut Pro
  • Boris FX Continuum Complete 2020 v13.0.3 for OFX
Download File: Win | Mac

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4 Comments on “Boris FX Plugins Bundle May 2020”

  1. Which versions are part of the Mac bundle? Mocha for example? 2020.5? Stand Alone or OFX/AE/Spark(Flame)? Same with Silhoutte? Kindly

    1. For mac:

      Silhouette 7.5.4
      Genarts Sapphire 2019.0 – OFX
      Genarts Sapphire 2019.0 – AVX
      Boris FX Continuum Complete 2020 v13.5 for Final Cut Pro
      Boris FX Continuum Complete 2020 v13.0.3 for OFX

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