CrossOver 18.1 macOS / 13.1.3 for Linux



CrossOver Software CodeWeavers Inc. is the easiest way to run Windows software on a Mac OS. To run Windows programs, reinstalling and switching to Windows is not good at all, and virtual machines like Parallels are too slow to operate or require strong hardware, so none of these are the ideal solution. But in CodeWeavers’ new way, it’s enough to run CrossOver software and run the Windows software you want!

Features of CrossOver:

  • Run Windows software on Mac without virtualization and restart
  • Easy installation with just one click
  • Run native Macs running Windows software (meaning you do not need RAM and a multiprocessor to run a small Windows application)
  • Great integration with Mac OS (Docking Windows programs and copying Mac and Windows documents simultaneously)
  • The cool bottles feature to choose the program-compatible environment (xp, win7, etc.)

This app is fully compatible with El Capitan and can be used by Mac as copy / past, independent platform and file sharing system in Windows applications. CrossOver has a large number of Windows applications and games that allow virtual machine overheads to run fast (even faster than Windows) on a Mac. There are currently more than 13,000 apps in the database, most notably the Microsoft Office 2013 app with the highest number of votes. CrossOver is an unrivaled product for easy execution of Windows applications on a Mac

Download File : Direct Link

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