CyberLink PhotoDirector Ultra 9.0.2115.0 For Mac

CyberLink PhotoDirector

When it comes to making unforgettable photos that stand out from others, nothing beats PhotoDirector. Discover how millions of PhotoDirector fans are turning the ordinary into something extraordinary!

By Family
While there are hundreds of family photo ideas out there, your family is unique in its class. PhotoDirector is designed to help you create stunning family memories, unique to you.
To travel
Believe it or not, creating large vaccines is not so difficult. And you do not need expensive cameras and lenses. PhotoDirector’s one-click presets instantly enhance your images.
For Landspaces
Give yourself the best opportunity to get great photos with PhotoDirector’s easy-to-use tools for creativity and proofreading in gardening projects.
For portraits
PhotoDirector is packed with unique portrait tools that help bring out the unique features of your subject, making photos into exceptional photos.
Perfect group photos every time
Use Video-to-Photo Face Swap to instantly create perfect group photos from video images. Make sure everyone is smiling, and all eyes are open!
Lens Profiles PhotoDirector supports a growing collection of over 100 lens profiles that allow you to quickly and accurately correct common lens defects.
Create your own GIFs (NEW!)
Animated GIFs are a fun way to convert videos into short, creative images. They are perfect for sharing short clips on social networks like Facebook, or they can also be used on web pages and blogs to create more attractive content.
Easier photo management
Instantly identify the people in the photos, then sort them and save them for easy navigation later.
Intelligently Fix Pictures Quickly
Automatically redistribute the tonal values of an image and get rid of unwanted color models.
Total 360º Photo Editing (NEW!)
PhotoDirector facilitates the creation of spectacular images with photos taken with 360º cameras. It is a new perspective of cinematographic photography.
Intelligent editing of content
Remove objects or people from photos simply by brushing on them or moving objects from one part of a shot to another. PhotoDirector instantly fills in the spaces using an intelligent algorithm that blends seamlessly with the surrounding background.
presets Create stunning photos with creative presets with HDR, black-and-white and split-tone ranges, as well as presets designed for portraits and landscapes.
Photos with Motion
Motion Stills is an incredibly creative turn in standard photographs. Brush sections of a video clip to retain movement in that area only. Other parts seem frozen in time!
Stunning video photos
Now you can take the perfect photo of your videos. With just one click, you can capture a crisp still image you can use to create your own perfect timelapse, group photo, multi-exposure or layered image.
Easy layer editing
Express layer templates contain all the layer components that make up complex images. Not only are they an easy way to gather stunning images, they also help show how layers combine to produce photographic effects.
More mixing modes (NEW!)
Mix Layers offers incredible creative possibilities for combining multiple photos into one stunning image in a way that’s easy.
Sharper images. Better clarity. (NEW!)
Remove mist, fog and smog to reveal clear, clear landscapes with the intuitive Dehaze slider. For a truly professional touch, use the Defringe tool to get rid of the color stripes that distract your digital photo for a clearer look.
Artistic Overlays
Combine semi-transparent images with your photos to create unique snapshots.
Support Format
PhotoDirector not only supports JPEG and TIF files, but also a wide range of popular RAW file formats and owners of the world’s leading digital camera manufacturers.
Radiant Skin
Make every face smooth with smooth skin to eliminate wrinkles, blemishes, glow, eye bags and red-eye removal.
Face Retouch
Extra pounds with an easy slider to change the shape of faces for a slimmer appearance. Enlarge your eyes also for added attraction.
Adjusting skin
tone intelligently adjusts skin tone in your portraits for the look you are looking for. Provide your subjects with healthier skin or a perfect tan in moments.
Body Reshaper Tool
The Unique Body Shaper tool allows you to quickly apply adjustments to the body’s natural contours. Give your photo shoots a professional feel.

Name: PhotoDirector Ultra
Version: 9.0.2115.0
Language: Multilingual (including Spanish)
Includes: Pre-Activation (install and ready)

OS version: 10.9 or higher
More info:

Download Links (Size:381 MB)

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