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Dism ++ -is an utility is designed for advanced users, which will help to implement the “spring cleaning” in the Windows operating system. With it, you can clear system temporary files, delete logs, caches, etc. An interesting feature is the support system of compression already established (% compression is selected in the program settings). among other things, you can remove the outdated system drivers, clean folder update old copies of Metro applications, delete unnecessary Metro applications, etc.


  • Through Dism ++ you will be able to qualitatively clean OS from the “garbage” and temporary files, including cache and logs. To do this, in the main menu on the left you must select “Tools” – “Cleaning” and run a system scan. Additionally, the user can choose to clean, “fast” or “deep”.
  • Due Dism ++ is proposed to compress the installed operating system. Note that the user chooses the percentage of compression.
  • Rapid removal of outdated drivers and applications.

What’s New ?

  • The ADK the latest improvements to the problem of Windows 10 compatible solutions WIMGAPI error code (thanks to salted fish)
  • Solved the BUG, improving detection logic PE, improved compatibility with PowerISO (thanks mmxx08)
  • Improved experience, optimize the WIM image release will automatically adjust the index ESD default, to avoid all the wrong hands.
  • DISM ++ rule base and language translation updates (thanks Frag, Oleada, Massimiliano F., Yamagata ma ri flower, JNylson, Vasyl Nasonov, q1953555067)
  • Improved the compatibility of Windows 10 latest ADK, solve wimgapi error code problem ( thanks to salted fish)
  • Solved BUG, increase PE detection logic , improve compatibility with PowerISO (thanks mmxx08)
  • Improved the experience, optimize the WIM image Release, automatically adjust the ESD default index, to avoid everyone hand error.
  • ism ++ rules and language translation updates (thanks to Frag, Oleada, Massimiliano F., Yamagata, JNylson, Vasiliy Nasonov, q1953555067)

No Treatment Or Activation Required


Download Links (Size:- 28 MB)

  1. Uplod.ws
  2. DropApk.com
  3. MirrorAce.com

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