Elgato Game Capture HD

Elgato Game Capture

Game Capture HD, as its name suggests, is a handy tool for filming the computer gaming environment. Many of the trailers that the gaming environment is shown on is filmed with this software. The program provides a variety of tools for filming the game environment and is a comprehensive tool for capturing exciting scenes and good moments of the game and sharing it with others. In addition to movie recording, this software also allows you to optimize and edit the clip. You can easily change the size of the clip and delete its inappropriate parts, and just put interesting pieces together and create the final video.

In addition, there is the ability to add music and video to the clip. For example, in game networks you can add video chat to video players. When recording movies, there is a choice of audio source such as a speaker or headphones. One of the cool features in this section is the automatic reduction of play music or ambient sound when speaking to game members. As soon as you hear the voice of the players, the voice of the game is reduced to make the conversation between people. The quality of the videos provided by Game Capture HD is very high and can be output in a variety of formats. The graphical environment of the program is simple and at the same time rich and has all the necessary facilities for recording video.

Elgato Game Capture Features

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