Emurasoft EmEditor Professional 19.3.1

Emurasoft EmEditor

Emurasoft EmEditor

EmEditor is an expandable text editor for the Windows environment. This product is from Emurasoft and has a worldwide reputation. This application fully supports Unicode. It has 32-bit and 64-bit versions, and has an advanced highlight syntax. This editor has a very wide range of features, and for each user, users can be different from one another. For example, programmers can quickly open source files and make edits to quickly edit their code without spending time opening heavyweight iDEs.

EmEditor can be considered as an over-the-top IDE because it has all the functionality needed for code-writing. For example, you can search advanced text within the text and use Reggex templates to do this. You can select parts of the text vertically. Define macros for routine tasks and execute that macro with just one click on any file. This software supports a variety of programming languages ​​and adjusts the highlight and syntax of the editor’s environment based on that language. At the beginning of the description, we said that the program could be expanded. Yes, the program is extensible because plug-ins support, and programmers can build plugins to enhance the capabilities of the editor, according to the manufacturer’s style sheet.

Emurasoft EmEditor Features

  • Unicode Full Support (Right To Left Like Farsi)
  • The ability to display bulky files up to 24 GB and includes 2.1 billion lines at high speed
  • Supports various plugins to enhance functionality
  • Possibility to display full screen
  • Keeping and managing the clipboard memory
  • Infinitely undo
  • Ability to set auto-save changes
  • Autocomplete words
  • Possibility of macros to perform automated operations
  • Ability to search and replace words in a large number of files simultaneously and display results in a single 

Download File ; Direct link

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