iExplorer is a complete management software for the iPhone, iPad and iPad that allows you to use the iPhone and iPad disk mode as a flash drive. This application is compatible with all iPhones and iPads, including the iPhone 7 and iOS 10. iExplorer is an iPhone or iPad Explorer file that runs on a Mac and computer that lets you browse files and folders on your iPhone. You can use Drag & Drop to add or remove files and folders from the iPhone.

Features of iExplorer:

  • Transfer music from iPhone and iPad to Mac and PC
  • Search and preview specific songs
  • Get out of text messages, SMS and iMessages
  • List, preview, save and export important information in the iPhone and iPad database
  • View appointments, calendar events and call history
  • Listen to iPhone audio messages and save them in a folder on your computer
  • The iExplorer installation feature allows you to use your iPhone and iPad as a flash drive.
  • Direct view of photos in finer and windows explorer
  • Access information on programs or directory on the device
  • Back up games and transfer them to another device
  • Access to more files and folders without jailbreaking
  • Execute iExplorer better if jailbroken
  • With AFC2 access the application can read the rout of the iOS device
  • Back up voicemail, address book, notes and more…

System Requirements

Operating System

Download File: direct link

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