Mentor Graphics FloVent 10.1

Mentor Graphics

FloVent® is a powerful computing fluid dynamics (CFD) software that predicts air flow, heat transfer, pollution distribution and comfort indicators in buildings and around buildings in any type and size. The FloVENT quick and easy menu system is specially designed for engineers involved in the design and optimization of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (air conditioners).

Simultaneous CFD reduces the simulation time by 65 to 75 percent compared to conventional mobile techniques. Using this method, the efficiency and reliability of the product is optimized while physical prototyping and development costs are reduced. The CFD will be at the same time as the conceptual design of the product to the physical prototype accompanying you, can be learned quickly and used. FloEFD eliminates all the complex workflows and overhead cubicles in the old CFD software and has provided engineers with a new and exciting solution.

Mentor Graphics Features

  •  Integration with CAD systems for simultaneous simulation
  • Has competitive characteristics and thermal transfer analysis
  • Various engineering models such as porous media, PCB and LED
  • Electronic cooling module for the accurate modeling of electronic models
  • HVAC module for precise modeling of HVAC programs including simple parameters
  • Cartier auto racing
  • Module for advanced cohesive modeling such as combustion and ultrasonic currents
  • LED module for more accurate modeling of LEDs and the size of light sources using LED thermal modeling as well as the Monte Carlo radiant model
  • 75% increase in simulation cycle using simultaneous CFDs.

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