motionVFX Bundle September 2017 For Mac

motionVFX Bundle

motionVFX Bundle September 2017 Includes:

  1. mRays 2K
  2. mLowers Music Pack
  3. mTransition Shade
  4. mTransition Bundle
  5. mLOGO Bundle
  6. mLooks for Davinci Resolve
  7. mBurns 2 4K Collection
  8. mForm
  9. Creativity Unbound Slideshow
  10. mTransition Zoom vol.2
  11. Arrow Slide After Effect Template
  12. Photo Slideshow After Effect Template

mRays 2K

60 2K Realistic Rays Compositing Elements For Any NLE

mRays is a collection of 60 rays elements for any compositing or NLE software supporting blending modes.

– 60 Rays elements for Realistic any non-linear Editing system-supporting blending modes
– 2k video footage
– ProRes
– Cross Platform / Application Compatible

Web Site:

mLowers Music Pack

mLowers Music Pack for Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5

This is a pack of 5 Music Lower Thirds for Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5.

Web Site:

mTransition Shade

70 + 1 Shade Transitions Exclusively For FCPX

Every editor needs a variety of tools to cope with countless clips with diverse looks, topics and characteristics. This innovative pack uses the mysteriousness of shadows to give you endless ways of shifting between two shots.

The subtle darkness that shrouds your videos makes every edit less obvious and adds an enigmatic feeling to the composition. You can use it for any purpose you can imagine, whenever a little obscurity is needed, mTransition Shade is the best way to go.

Web Site:

mTransition Bundle

A Collection Of 150 Transitions For Final Cut Pro X

mTransition Bundle is a pack of 150 transitions for FCPX.

Web Site:

mLOGO Bundle

A Collcetion of Logo Animations for FCPX and Motion 5 from motionVFX.

mLogo is a collection of high quality logotype animations designed to be used within Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5. Just drag your logo, change the colors and you are ready to rock! Simple Effective and ready to use.

Bundle Includes:

– mLOGO 1
– mLOGO 2
– mLOGO 3
– mLOGO 4

Web Site:

mLooks for Davinci Resolve

90 Unique DaVinci Resolve Powergrades

mLooks for DaVinci Resolve is a collection of 90 awesome DaVinci Resolve Powergrades.

Copy of DaVinci Resolve not included. In order to use this product, you need to own a copy of DaVinci Resolve
mLooks for DaVinci Resolve is compatible with both Full and Lite DaVinci Resolve versions (both Mac & PC)

Web Site:

mBurns 2 4K Collection


50 4K Film Strip & Burn Compositing Effects

A Brand New Collection Of 50 Film Strips & Burns Effects For Final Cut Pro X In 4K

Web Site:


150 Animated Shape Elements for FCPX

These extraordinary pack will bring life, dynamism and energy into any project you’re working on. It consist of over 150 elements that are flawlessly animated from various shapes. Just put them into your scene and enjoy the exciting commotion they bring. The possibilities and applications of this plugin are endless. Design backgrounds, adornments, transitions, masks, typography additions or whatever you need – the only limit is your imagination!

Web Site:

Creativity Unbound Slideshow

Videowall Template for After Effects CC

This project gives you a huge number of placeholders for your footage. It includes a clean, modern look and beautiful, smooth camera movement for the best experience. This video wall is a great way of creating a stylish product/photo/video show for almost every type of footage. It’s so easy to work with that you are ready to rock in seconds!

Web Site:,after_effects_-_ae_project_0302,p1897.html

mTransition Zoom vol.2

50 energetic footage transitions exclusively for FCPX

Create some dynamism in between your shots

Stunning effects like zoom blurs, twirls, distortions, fisheye and scrapes will make video transitions in your edits a real treat for the eye

Built exclusively for Final Cut Pro X

Smooth and efficient workflow in FCPX with no compromise on performance and looks

Compatible with industry’s highest resolutions

4K ready and prepared to work with different aspect ratios

Instant energy for your edits

Every edit needs a dose of energy to boost the pace and make the whole composition more interesting. The sequel to our mZoom plugin will give you exactly what you need and more. There is no limit to the application of these universal shifts, you can use it every time you need some vigorous action in between the shots. Have fun!

Web Site:

Arrow Slide After Effect Template

Web Design Template for After Effects CC

This simple yet powerful and effective template is a mixture of modern web elements and footage. It has a very clean and elegant look and is very flexible – you can use it for multiple purposes. Carefully picked and arranged typography gives you a way of describing your videos or photos. Now you can have this magic in After Effects!


– FULL HD 1920×1080
– 24 FPS

Web Site:,after_effects_-_ae_project_0297,p1864.html

Download Links (Size:19.6 GB)


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