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O & O ShutUp

O & O ShutUp10 means you have full control over the features of Windows 10 , and this is what you decide on what information to transfer through Windows 10. Using the simple user interface this program will disable parts of Windows 10 that do not want to receive and send your data. This program is completely free and requires no installation, and after downloading it you can run it immediately. The program does not install adware and spam software with itself (something we are seeing today). Windows 10 is intended to facilitate the daily experience of working with its operating system, which unfortunately has led Windows users unwittingly to publish a lot of data.

For example, Windows 10 tells you to go to the airport 30 minutes before the flight, according to the traffic flow. Windows needs to provide the calendar, e-mail, and the location and traffic map of the place where you live. Some services share your WLAN information with your Facebook contacts list, or without authentication, your computer connects to public WiFi networks – which are often unprotected. This makes it easy to use the operating system, but it puts you at risk. If you do not agree with this approach and would like to specify all aspects of the system security yourself, use the O & O ShutUp10 application. It provides a lot of privacy settings that you can easily enable or disable in a beautiful graphic environment.

Features of O & O ShutUp10:

  • Full privacy protection
  • Control the location access services
  • Control Windows Updates
  • Prevent data from being sent by Windows Debugging Services
  • Simple interface
  • Low volume and no need to install

OS: Windows 10

Download File: Direct Link

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