SoftPerfect Bandwidth Manager 3.2.9

SoftPerfect Bandwidth Manager 3.2.8 Description

SoftPerfect Bandwidth Manager is the name of a software application that works with the Internet and manages your Internet bandwidth. With this software, you will be able to apply restrictions on the amount of bandwidth and traffic to your Internet. The creators of this product believe that if you have problems like the high cost of using the Internet with the capabilities that lies in this application, you can optimize your consumption and manage it. This product can also be referred to as a software application for the Internet.

The SoftPerfect Bandwidth Manager software for the Windows operating system has been designed and published. Hence, this software is very good with all versions of Windows. By monitoring your Internet platform, your Windows operating system will bring you the best traffic feedback. You will also see the result immediately after using this software.

Features and Features SoftPerfect Bandwidth Manager

  • Benefit from a very user-friendly interface with a plethora of different capabilities
  • Take advantage of the highly advanced configuration feature to adjust and meet your needs
  • Ability to apply a variety of restrictions on your bandwidth and traffic
  • With this software, you will immediately get the result
  • Complete synchronization with all Windows operating systems
  • Timing and notification of events and reports via email

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