VMware Horizon 7.8 Enterprise Edition

VMware Horizon

VMware Horizon is the leading name in the field of virtualization of your software and desktop. This software is able to provide you with the necessary conditions for connecting and virtualization of the desktop, all software applications and online services through a software environment. This software is able to turn static desktops into a safe and digital environment for the user. The software ahead of you is a powerful product group and, of course, the familiar name of VMware, which in this product all that you will need in virtualization will be included.

VMware Horizon Features

Benefit from a convenient and engineered user interface for the user’s convenience

Extremely accurate performance in virtualizationAvailable in both Linux and Windows operating systems

Manage and give full access to this software

Benefit from smart policies with simple access

Simplify authentication on all desktop services

Integration with this software comes with the exact match with data center such as vSphere, vSAN and NSX.Data security and your information is guaranteed by this software

Download File : Direct Link

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