Windows 10 Xtreme LiteOS 10 S-Edition (1709) February 2021

Overview of Windows 10 LITE

This operating system is based on Windows 10 tweaked edition, especially to improve gaming performance in low end PCs. It has some performance boosters pre-installed which really help it get going.

Features of Windows 10 LITE

  • Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
  • Windows Update
  • Superfetch
  • Prefetch
  • Hiber.sys
  • Sysmain

What’s Removed

🔰 Windows Defender🔰 Internet Explorer 11🔰 Windows Media Player🔰 Hyper – V🔰 People🔰 Help🔰 Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)🔰 Windows Update🔰 Superfetch🔰 Prefetch🔰 Hiber.sys🔰 Sysmain🔰 Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE)

What’s Added

🔰 Windows 10 Activator (Available on Desktop)
🔰 Driver Booster (Available on Desktop)🔰 .Net Framework 3.5/4.8🔰 Tweaks For Gaming

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5 Comments on “Windows 10 Xtreme LiteOS 10 S-Edition (1709) February 2021”

  1. How do you upgrade to this version over the former one ?
    When i start this installation, will it ask me if i want to upgrade to this one ?

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