WordWeb Pro Ultimate Reference Bundle 8.24 Win / 3.5 macOS

WordWeb Pro

WordWeb is a dictionary and encyclopedia full vocabulary of American, British, Canadian, Australian, Hindi and English international. Use WordPress to get more features like voice pronunciations and add new Oxford, Cambrian, and Collins encyclopedias. Free version of this product if you accept the licenseIt is available to you. Of course, users can also use the full version of the product, namely WordWeb Pro. To find the meaning of words with this program, just hold down the control key and right-click on the word you want anywhere. The combination key can be changed and you can define new shortcuts in the program settings. If you are editing an article, you can easily search for and synonymize the words in the article. This app is able to highlight the synonyms you use most of the time to offer you text when writing.

WordWeb Pro Features

  • Display any dictionary in a separate tab
  • Ability to add new dictionaries like Cambridge
  • Human Pronunciation Over 70,000 Words
  • The correct pronunciation of the text is in compliance with the syllabuses
  • Ability to bookmark favorite words
  • Highlight used words
  • Connect words that are similar in pronunciation
  • Find words by pattern
  • Ability to add new words to the database
  • Easy copy of the result to the clipboard
  • Search in a wide range of words
  • Add Glaws by yourself

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